My name is Scott and I love Wings! But be warned I’m a lousy writer!

Hello, my name is Scott and I decided to start a website to pay honor to one of my favorite situational comedies of all time. I’m gonna be honest with anyone who is kind enough to look at my site. My writing skills are pretty much zero! I plan on putting together some best of video clips so maybe that will keep folks interested in my blogsite. Now that I have put all that on the table let’s get back to why I decided to make this thing in the first place. I always thought that Wings was a hilarious comedy back in the 90’s and I believe it still holds up very well by today’s standards. However, looking back it seems like Wings really never got the recognition that it truly deserved.
So why was Wings looked at or treated like the poor stepchild that often gets treated like a shadow? It’s no excuse but if you look at the competition in the 90’s you had some of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Cheers which would collect a total of 28 Emmy’s was just wrapping up in the early 90’s. Fraser which launched two years after Wings in 1992 would do even better collecting 37 Emmy’s. And finally, let’s not forget about Seinfeld which is considered by many to be the holy grail of situational comedies would win 10 Emmy’s also. So how many Emmy’s did Wings win?
How about zero! OK, so the show and cast got snubbed but surely there were multiple nominations handed out right? Wrong! For its eight-year run Wings received a grand total of three Emmy nominations. And to make things look even worse they doled them out to Kelsey Grammar who played his character Fraser on a guest appearance on Wings. The second one went to Tyne Daly while also making a guest appearance on the show. Tyne is Tim Daly’s older sister in real life. This doesn’t even count competition from opposing networks at the time. Still, it’s a slap in the face of some great writing, production and often hysterical acting by the cast. That’s why I have chosen to put this thing together so I can share the great memories I have of this show. Thanks for visiting and please don’t be a stranger:)


Author: Bigfriendly1970

My name is Scott Denham and this is my first attempt at putting a website together. I was born and raised in Alabama and I'm a big college football fan. Roll Tide! I have always made a good working mans salary doing direct sales while using my commercial driver's license. However, in February of 2018, I suffered a terrible broken ankle injury at work that required multiple surgeries to repair. I decided to learn how to use Wordpress as a way to keep busy while going through my rehabilitation. Thanks for visiting and please don't be a stranger:)

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