If you Want the Complete Wings Experience Streaming isn’t the Answer

When my Wife first got our Nexflix streaming account a while back we were quite impressed with the service. We definitely lost sleep while vegging out on classics like Breaking Bad. We eventually added Hulu and couldn’t turn off the TV while watching Vikings and then Sons of Anarchy. We also streamed Cheers and Fraser from start to finish as well. As you already know Wings is one of my favorites and it had been many years since I had seen it on a regular basis.

My Wife hadn’t really watched the show when it originally aired so I was more than happy when she agreed to watch it with me. I had watched the reruns in the 90’s on the USA network so I had a decent memory of what some my favorite moments from the series were. As we watched I told my better half that I couldn’t wait for the episode when Brian uses his hypnosis skills on Roy and gets him to confess to taking a briefcase full of cash from an old man.

As we progressed through the series and got toward the end I began wondering what the hell happened to my episode that I wanted to see. I decided to get online and do a little bit of digging to find what the episode was called and what season it aired on. I discovered that the episode was called “Try to remember the night he dismembered” and it was the ninth episode of season three. I pulled up the menu on Netflix and looked at season three and sure enough, it’s not listed.

The episodes from season 3 are listed and it just skips over the 9th show like it never existed in the first place. Curiously, I wondered if any other episodes might be missing so I decided to check it out and sure enough, I quickly discovered that many were missing. It turns out that copyright issues exist in some 22 episodes that prevent them from being broadcast on the streaming services.

It’s unfortunate too because some of the missing episodes are important to the storyline of the series. Some examples include Helen getting a new Chello on a two-part episode. Casey’s first appearance in the 2nd episode of season 6 is also omitted. This leaves you wondering where the heck she came in at if you are streaming the series online. Below is a list of the missing episodes at the time of this writing.

Season 2

Episode 1. The Puppetmaster

Episode 11. A Terminal Christmas

Episode 15. My Brothers Back and There’s Gonna Be Some Trouble

Season 3

Episode 9. Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered

Season 4

Episode 11. Exit Laughing

Episode 15. The Gift Part 1

Episode 16. The Gift Part 2

Episode 17. I Love Brian

Episode 21. Another Wedding

Season 6

Episode 2. Twisted Sister

Episode 7. All’s Fair

Episode 18. Gone But Not Faygotten

Episode 21. The Love Life & Times of Joe and Helen

Season 7

Episode 6. She’s Gotta Have it

Episode 17. Lynch Party

Episode 20. A Tale of Two Sister Cities

Episode 23. Life Could be a Dream

Season 8

Episode 3. Maybe It’s You

Episode 7. Olive or Twist

Episode 15. Fay There, Georgy Girl

Episode 16. Escape From New York

Episode 17. House of Blues

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the only way to see the entire series is to acquire the whole thing on DVD. Click here to learn more about getting your copy of Wings the complete series on DVD today. You can also check out my review of the complete DVD series by clicking here. Thanks for visiting my Wings blog and be sure to check out my Wings YouTube Videos as well.


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