Wings TV Series DVD all Eight Complete Seasons Review

I just got my Wings complete eight season DVD set in the mail. As usual, the shipping through Amazon was faster than anticipated. I decided to buy this because even though the series is periodically streaming on Netflix and Hulu they can’t play all of the episodes due to some copyright issues that exist within some of the episodes. More than twenty episodes are missing and it leads to some serious gaps and questions in the storyline of the show.

The packaging isn’t as nice as it looks. Very Fragile and cheap.
Anyhow, let’s get down to the basics of this DVD collection. For starters, if you get stoked over extra’s such as blooper reels, interviews with cast members etc. then you are going to terribly disappointed with this. Not only is it extremely bare bones with no extras of any kind but the video/picture quality has also not been updated in any way. Quite a few customers on Amazons review page complained about how poor the picture quality on these DVD’s was. Sure, it’s no Blu-Ray but I feel like some these complaints are a bit extreme when you consider the price for this set.

The packaging is also extremely cheap and flimsy which appears to be a regular thing with Mill Creek Entertainment that put this together. However, with all that being said you can get all eight seasons uncut for only $27.99. That’s just a shade over .16 per episode for all 171 episodes in the series. It may not bother many people but I hate how reruns are hacked and cut to shreds so the cable networks can squeeze in more advertising.

Better pick up something more sturdy to store these DVD’s in besides these cheap holders.

I’m sure at some point in the future this underrated series will get a much-deserved makeover and release on Blu-ray which is where it belongs. Until then if you want to enjoy this great show in its entirety this complete but with zero extras copy is all you have to choose from. Check out my video review of Wings the Complete Series over at YouTube and thanks for visiting my Wings webpage.


Brian Returns to Nantucket and Meets Roy and Lowell

From the very first episode of Wings. Brian returns to Nantucket and meets Roy and Lowell for the first time. The folks at NBC casting nailed it with the selection of actors for Wings. Steven Weber made his portrayal of Brian Hackett look so easy.  This was my very first time put a video together on Youtube so I’m learning as I go. Very funny scene:)

So who came up with idea for the Wings TV show?

Wings has occasionally been referred to as a Cheers knockoff and there is a very obvious reason for this. The show was the brainchild of Cheers veterans David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee. The trio would also launch the popular show Frasier (a spinoff from Cheers) in 1992.

They would combine for 37 Emmy Nominations and receive 24 awards for their work. Shockingly they would not receive a single Emmy Nomination for their brilliant work with the underrated TV series Wings. David Angell along with his wife Lynn tragically died while aboard United Airlines Flight 11 which was the first plane to strike the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.